Seminar for arts education teachers “Bridges between Peforming Arts and Education”


The seminar “Bridges between performing arts and education” is the final event of the year activity program of the ASSITEJ Lithuania, which is financed by the Vilnius City Municipality, and is intended to mark the International Day of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, celebrated worldwide on November 20. Throughout the year, ASSITEJ Lithuania carried out various activities promoting the dissemination of performing arts for young audiences in Lithuania and abroad. March 20 commemorating the World Theater Day for Children and Youth, we organized an online national conference “Lithuanian Theater for Children and Youth: Between Past and Future”, where presentations were given by creators of performing arts for children and youth and arts education teachers. In April-June we carried out the project “Theatre travels to children” financed by the Lithuanian Culture Council, during which ASSITEJ Lithuania members traveled around the Žemaitija region with their performances. In May, ASSITEJ Lithuania delegation participated in the International Forum of Performing Arts for Children and Youth BIBU and ASSITEJ “Artistic Gathering”, which took place in Helsingborg, Sweden. During the forum ASSITEJ Lithuania presented Lithuanian performing arts for young audience, participated in seminars, discussions and watched performances. On June 1st we celebrated the International Children’s Day with the national campaign “Forward to the live theater” and showed performances for children and youth for free throughout Lithuania. In September we organized an online ASSITEJ Lithuania showcase for educators, during which members of the association presented their latest productions for audiences of all ages, from babies to youth.

The seminar “Bridges between performing arts and education” is intended for arts education pedagogues, where members of ASSITEJ Lithuania will share their insights, experiences and offer various ideas to teachers on how to apply various theater methods in the educational process in order to encourage creativity and imagination of students.
The seminar will take place remotely on the Zoom platform and will also be broadcast on ASSITEJ Lithuania Facebook account, the recording will be available later on ASSITEJ LithuaniaYouTube channel.

15.00–15.15 ASSITEJ Lithuania president Violeta Podolskaitė’s presentation “ASSITEJ Lithuania professionals and art education pedagogues: opportunities for cooperation”, during which the main activities of ASSITEJ Lithuania, implemented projects, and opportunities for cooperation with art education teachers will be presented.
15.15–16.00 Ieva Brikė’s seminar “Possibilities of performance art in the process of artistic education of teenagers”. We will talk about how to apply performance art creation and performance methods in the educational process. How to empower teenagers to create on topics that matter to them? Why the entire “from – to” process is important.
16.00–16.45 Žilvinas Vingelis seminar “Visual theater: how it is created and understood”. Žilvinas will share his experience in creating visual theater, we will discuss the possibilities and challenges of connecting visual theater and modern technologies, media and other art forms and their use in the educational process.
16.45 – 17.00 questions and discussions

Violeta Podolskaitė is the founder and long-time president of ASSITEJ Lithuania, former actress of the State Youth Theater, who created more than 70 roles in theater and cinema, initiator and organizer of various stage art projects for children and youth.
Ieva Brikė is an actress of the Juozas Miltinis Drama Theater, a performance artist with a Master’s degree in Theater Arts from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, who has created more than a dozen roles in the theater and in international projects. Conducts seminars and creative workshops for performing arts professionals, educators and young people.
Žilvinas Vingelis – director, screenwriter, artistic director of the visual experiments theater “Kosmos Theatre”, coordinator of creative programs of the Vilnius theater “Lėlė”, lecturer at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, currently studying for a doctorate in art. Conducts visual theater training, organizes international interdisciplinary projects.

Join the seminar on 21st November at 15:00 here:

Seminar coordinator
Raimondas Klezys – ASSITEJ Lithuania Board member, manager of “No shoes theater”, theater educator, playwright, actor.