International festival theatre for children and youth JĖGA/COOL


The international theater festival for children and youth JĖGA/COOL is organized by the ASSITEJ Lithuania for the fifth time on 2-6 October 2018. Each time the festival is held in a different city of Lithuania, providing an opportunity to show high-level professional performances for children in remote areas of the country. This year, the festival will delight children in the Northern region of Lithuania.

Nearly 30 performances for children and youth of various ages will be presented. The fact that such festival is very much needed in the region is proved by the contribution of Šiauliai City Municipality and Šiauliai State Drama Theater and assistance in organizing the festival. “The international theater event of this scale for children and youth is being organized in Šiauliai for the first time. It is a great joy and at the same time a commitment to our theater, which became a member of the ASSITEJ Lithuania only a few years ago. I am sure that the young audience is very much looking forward to this event” says Aurimas Žvinys, the director of the Šiauliai State Drama Theater and one of the festival organizers.

Fifteen Lithuanian and six foreign theater companies are included in the multicolored festival program. During the festival, children will be invited to participate in various educational activities, seminars for young people and professional actors will take place as well as forum for young theater critics .

During the festival, on October 3-4, the traditional meeting of the members of the Nordic-Baltic ASSITEJ Network will take place, where representatives of Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania will share their experiences and ideas.

The President of the ASSITEJ Lithuania Violeta Podolskaitė is convinced that the activities of ASSITEJ, which has existed in Lithuania for eighteen years, are becoming more and more visible and well-known: “ Finally, I can confidently say that we feel full members of the International ASSITEJ”.

It is symbolic that the 5th International Festival JĖGA/COOL, which significantly contributes to the implementation of the mission of the ASSITEJ, is dedicated to the particularly important occasion – the 100th anniversary of the restored Lithuania.